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Is online gambling safe?

As long as you stick to reputable sites with a long history of operating safely, you are at very little risk. Take comfort in knowing no person has ever been prosecuted for “online gambling.” Our main goal at LowerTheRake is to stay up to date on the latest news in the industry, which includes keeping track of all current operators and verifying the following:

  • Licensed and regulated: Each site must obtain a license from a governing body and be regulated by its relevant jurisdiction.
  • Evidence of payouts: LowerTheRake will not promote a site without a history of secure payouts, or mishandling of deposits and withdrawals.
What sites can I play on?

If you are a U.S. resident, please refer to our state restrictions guide to see all of your options. Some sites do not offer sign ups to users in particular states.

Can I play on multiple sites?

Absolutely, and we encourage it since different sites offer different options and advantages. Some focus on poker, blackjack and table games, while another may focus on sports betting and horse racing. When looking at the deals and promotions we provide, you will see each site offers some combination of these options. Aside from expanding your options, playing on multiple sites allows you to take advantage of multiple deals and sign up bonuses. Most sites offer large deposit bonuses for first time users (up to $5,000), so we encourage you to consider your options and sign up for any site(s) that suit your needs.

Can I play on my Mac or Linux computer?

Yes, many sites offer their software in PC, Mac, and Linux format. Please refer to the information in our deals for more specific answers.

Can I play on my phone or tablet?

Many sites now offer mobile functionality. Whether you are using an iPad, iPhone, Android device, Blackberry or Windows phone, certain sites do offer their platform on mobile devices. Please refer to the information in our deals for more specific answers.

What games are available?
  • Poker: The most common and popular game available is Texas Hold’em, both in No Limit and Fixed Limit. However, almost every other game is available as well, including Omaha, Omaha h/l and stud, among others. To see what games are offered by each site, please refer to the information in our deals.
  • Casino: Just about every popular game, including blackjack, slots, roulette and more are available, please refer to the information in our deals.
How can I deposit and withdrawal money?

Each site offers different options for both deposits and withdrawals, which you can see in our deals. The most common options are:

What is rakeback?

The most common reward we offer is called rakeback. Many sites make their income by taking a small percentage out of the pot or tournament entry fees, which is referred to as “rake.” Rakeback deals like the ones offered by LowerTheRake, allow the user to recoup a large percentage of that rake (usually 25-50%) which is your “rakeback.” For example, if the site rakes $4 out of a large pot, you would instantly be credited with $1-$2 just for that single hand. Over time, this can add up to a substantial amount and make games more enjoyable and profitable.

What are VIP rewards?

Another common rewards program is a VIP system, where you can earn a higher percentage of your rake back if you play more. It is generally a tiered program, that offers better incentives as you play more.

What is a deposit bonus?

Another common reward is a deposit bonus, which generally offers a matching bonus up to a certain amount. They are offered by most sites for new sign ups, so it’s important to use the information on LowerTheRake to make sure you get bonus for your new account. For example, it may say “100% matching deposit bonus up to $2,000!” Therefore, you could deposit any amount from $1-$2,000 and they will match that amount. Keep in mind, deposit bonuses do have play through requirements, meaning your bonus is released in increments as you play on the site.

What if I have an issue with a site?

First and foremost, for any issue your best course of action is to email the support team of the site. They are generally very helpful resolving any issue regarding your account, including deposits, withdrawals, privacy concerns and more. If you ever find you are having significant difficulty, LowerTheRake will try to resolve the issue on your behalf.

What is a “network”?

A network is a group of different, individual sites that operate independently but share the same player pool.  An example would be the “Winning Poker Network” consists of Americas Cardroom, BlackChip Poker, PokerHost, and YaPoker.  You can sign up to any of them individually, and all 4 sites share the same player pool.  Some of the main advantages of this structure are that each “skin” (individual site) may be able to accommodate different states or countries for legal reasons, and together they can provide a larger player pool with more traffic.

Why do I need a Coinbase and Blockchain account?

Coinbase is an “exchange” where you can buy/sell bitcoin for other currencies, like U.S. dollars.  This allows you to move money easily to and from your bank account.  Blockchain.com is a “wallet” and serves a couple of important roles.  It stores your bitcoins securely and provides an added layer of safety and privacy so you can securely deposit and withdraw your bitcoin from any site that offers it.  Doing that directly from an exchange like Coinbase has more risks and less privacy, so we urge customers to use a wallet for transactions as laid out in our bitcoin guide.